Our Mission and Student Learning Outcomes


Our mission is to maintain an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment for students and faculty that:

  1. offers every UNC Asheville student the opportunity to learn the mathematics important to a modern liberal education
  2. ensures that students set high goals and receive the education necessary to achieve these goals, and
  3. encourages faculty to grow as teachers, scholars and active members of the community.

Student Learning Outcomes

As part of fulfilling this mission the Mathematics & Statistics department strives to achieve the following student learning outcomes

  1. Students completing a degree in mathematics will demonstrate a solid foundation in mathematics which exhibits both breadth and depth of knowledge.
  2. Non-mathematics majors completing general education mathematics courses will demonstrate an understanding of the roles played by mathematics in society at large.
  3. Students completing a degree in mathematics will demonstrate the ability to communicate mathematical concepts effectively through oral presentations and written exposition.