Majors & Minors

The science of mathematics is fundamental to many disciplines and an integral part of a liberal arts education. Quantitative skills such as data analysis, problem solving, pattern recognition and mathematical modeling are increasingly vital to contemporary professions. Entry-level mathematics courses introduce students to basic concepts and tools that are essential to education. Upper-level courses provide students with the opportunity to explore mathematical topics in greater depth.

Declaration of Major in Mathematics

Declaring a major in mathematics requires the student to complete a Declaration of Major form that must be signed by the department chair. Before declaring a major, students must satisfy the LANG 120 requirement.


There are four concentrations of study from which to select a Mathematics major: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Mathematics with Teacher Licensure. The requirements for each of these programs are listed within the individual programs.

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics/Teacher Licensure

Mathematics Minor

Students may also minor in mathematics by completing 21 hours of specified courses. To declare a minor, students must complete a Declaration of Minor form that must be signed by the department chair.

Course Requirements

Review the course requirements in the UNC Asheville Course Catalog for each of the mathematics concentrations and minor.