Who We Are

Whether you’re setting up the logistics for a company, analyzing political polls, animating Pixar movies, or combating disease, high-level mathematics is at the heart of many creative and analytical endeavors alike. We offer concentrations in statistics, theoretical and applied mathematics, as well as teacher licensure, to prepare students for careers in finance, government, research, technology, multimedia, education, and more. Our classes are intentionally small so faculty can give students individualized attention, and students are welcome to meet with professors whenever they’re available.

What You’ll Learn

Math is fundamental to many disciplines and modern professions. Our math majors gain a strong foundation in mathematical concepts and learn data analysis, pattern recognition, communication skills, and problem-solving. Students can promote math literacy through the Asheville Initiative for Math and Science Olympiad for grades K-12, or you can join our active chapters of the Association for Women in Math and the Mathematical Association of America. Our Math Lab offers tutoring and a relaxed, quiet study space for students of all majors.